How to Boil Rice

It does not take much to boil rice. You can breathe, can't you? You can read, right?

In a pot, you will need. Any old, cheap pot will do nicely really. Mine was about $2.80 or so from Walmart. It works okay. And with preferably a wooden spoon you'll use to cook your rice. A measuring cup too you need. Or I need.

And this works a bit differently in different quantities. But I never cook more than a cup of dry rice at a time. Usually I cook half of a cup.

But I know 2 ways to boil rice. Either "on the boil" I cook it, I like to call it. It's convenient, cooking rice like that—with no lid too, before I forget to mention. And with the lid then, I "slow-cook" the rice. They both take about 15, 20 minutes. And, slow-cooking moreso than cooking rice on the boil requires at least an additional 5 minutes to simmer. Both ways when simmering use the lid.

To cook rice on the boil, I use at least 3 times as much water as I use dry rice. Usually I use about 3 1/6 times the rice actually, depending on my fire—some stoves are hotter. Then you throw in the pot and just let it boil. You can almost leave it alone completely—till it starts to stick. Then you stir as it sticks maybe the last minute or so, allowing as much water to steam-off as you like your rice—more soupy or dry. Then here is the only part where you might use a lid, to let it simmer and cook a bit more off of the fire. It's not required, though, the lid—if you do it right. This is part of the convenience—along with the initial time unattended.

The next way I boil rice is to slow-cook it. This takes some luxury. You use a lid. You must have a lid, then, part of the luxury. You use a bit less water. As little as 2 times the amount of rice, I've heard. And I've used over 3 times too—by mistake. You bring to boil, then let cook a minute or 2, for good luck. Then reduce heat to low,—the other part of the luxury, control of the fire—and cover. Here is the art of it. You must know your stove and your pot. Leave the lid all the way on, or cracked how much? Boiling takes 5 minutes or so, about—covered with the lid or uncovered, doesn't much matter. Then cover for 5 minutes, then stir. Then cover and leave for as long as possible. Then stir, cover, and simmer—off the fire simmer—another 5 minutes. You can boil-off some water too if needed before simmering.


by Andrew

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